What's Haute: The GL team dishes on our current fashion crushes

We asked the GL team what celeb's style or trend they're totally crushing on right now. Check it out!

“Gigi Hadid’s style. The girl knows how to put a stellar outfit together. She looks chic in anything from ripped jeans and a tee to a full-length evening dress.” – Kelsie A.

“I’ve been loving my new pair of white converse. They look absolutely sick with anything and brighten up all of my go-to summer outfits!” – Kelly M. 

“You will never catch me without a scarf or a necklace around my neck. They take my outfit from plain to pretty darn adorable.” – Kendyl W. 

“Zendaya is definitely my go-to fashion crush. Her style never fails to have an edge, whether she’s just hanging out or on the red carpet. I love how she can throw on sweats and still look flawless. Plus, I love that she isn’t afraid to totally change up her hair.” – Mallory W. 

“Doc Martens are the perfect staple piece that I can wear throughout the whole year, no matter what season. They are so comfortable and crazy durable. I have a pink pair that spices up any outfit.” – Serena P.

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What's your favorite celeb style or fashion trend? Let us know!


by Mallory Walker | 2/1/2016