10 fun ways to make summer memories last



Traveling is one of the absolute best parts of summer vacay. If you're planning on seeing other parts of the world (or at least your hometown) this season, skip the requisite Instagram and commemorate your trip a little more uniquely with these ten awesome memory-makers.  

1. Buy the perfect memento.

One of the greatest ways to remember a cool vacation is to pick up something that showcases your travel destination’s best attribute. Loved the lighthouses in OBX? Grab a pretty ceramic model or a mug that shows them off. Start a display case of your mementos and you'll have a little piece of your travels to look at every day.

2. Take a funny pic at every stop

Taking a hilarious photo —whether of yourself, your fam or some off-the-wall landmark—will bring a smile to your face every time you look back through your vacay album.

3. Collect postcards

Everywhere you travel over the summer, buy a post card and write a short note on the back about your favorite moments or scenery from that particular place. You’ll thank yourself later when you’re flipping through your collection.  

4. Keep a journal

A journal is one of the most underrated ways to remember your summer. One day, you’re going to want to look back and remember what your summers were like—what you did, how you felt, etc. Taking just a few minutes to jot in a journal can help preserve your memory and allows a little piece of time to be saved forever. 

5. Strike a pose

Have someone snap a photo with you striking the same cool pose in every place you visit. Not only is it a sweet trademark, it can make for an awesome collage opportunity. 

6. Start a collection

Pick an item, then try to find one everywhere you go. The more specific the instead of a T-Shirt, say you're looking for a snow globe or a thimble. You'll be surprised how quickly your collection grows.

7. Write yourself a letter

Sending yourself a letter home is an amazing way to remember what you did over vacation on a day-to-day basis...and a fun way to make coming home less of a bummer (you get to open your letters—yay!) Plus, you get to see the postage stamp from where you visited, see the return address, and you get the fun experience of mailing a letter at a new post station in a different state or abroad. 

8. Get scrappin'

What better way to use your artistic ability and commemorate your summer than in a scrapbook? Scrapbooks are not only beautiful, but buying all of the fun stickers, letters, glitter, etc. at the craft store allows your creativity to shine.

9. Make a video

Recording your summer adventures is another creative and artistic way to remember your summer. Find the perfect moments, the perfect music, and hit up Moviemaker or iMovie to create your masterpiece.

10. Blog your travels

Blogging is one of the best and most fun ways to express yourself, communicate with others and do something you love—and people love travel blogs, so you might find yourself some international fans. Hello, internet famous!

How do you record your travels? Are you going anywhere cool this summer? Let us know in the comments!


by Victoria Franco | 2/1/2016