Can we talk about guys for a sec?

We wanna hear about your biggest crush conundrums, dating dilemmas and, oh yeah, those aww-worthy moments when it finally worked out!

Let's discuss the trickiest of boy sitches for a moment: the love triangle. Even the sweetest girls can get caught up in these heart-tugging trysts. Think about it: you and your BFF suddenly are crushing on the same guy (um, good taste!) or maybe the eye candy in your radar is, err, besties with your ex. Or maybe some dude won't stop flirting with you and, oh yeah, he happens to be your BFF's BF. Yikes.

Take our love-triangle tell-all survey below to help us with an article for the magazine. Cut and paste the survey below, and respond in the comments. Let us know if you want us to keep your answers anonymous and email us at:

1. Have you ever experienced a simul-crush (aka, you like two guys at the same time...and they both like you back)? If yes, tell us what ended up happening...


2. Have you ever liked a guy, but you were pretty sure he was into someone else? If so, what did you do?


3. Have you and your BFF ever had crushes on the same guy? Did you work it out, so no one's feelings were hurt (or did someone wind up super upset)?


4. Have you ever had a crush on a cute guy...who happened to be friends with your ex? Did you feel too awk to pursue your feelings or did you just go for it? Let us know!


5. Have you ever been in a situation where your BFF's boyfriend won't stop flirting with you? How did you deal? 


Any other T. Swift-esque love-triangle situations you wanna spill? Psst: we're chatting with dating experts and answering some of your biggest questions.



by GL | 2/1/2016