5 awesome perfect pie pairings to try now!


The holidays are coming up, which means toss the jeans and put the leggings on to make room for that delish pie. From apples to pumpkin and pecans, we can't get enough of all the tasty pies the season has to offer. And since Grandma's holiday pie recipe rocks, but could use a little somethin' extra to please your cravings, why not add your twist of toppings? No, we aren't talking about the typical Cool Whip or cherry on top, we are thinking something a little bit more exotic… 


  • 1_cheese.png

    Cheese, please!

    Apple pie topped with a slice o’ cheddar is a New England tradition. And before you ick out, think about it: apples + chunks of cheese are a super-tasty snack, so why not try ‘em together? 

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  • 2_nutella.jpg

    Go nuts over this pair

    A slice of delightful pecan pie with a dollop of our fave chocolate hazelnut spread makes this duo our new BFFs. This super gooey and sugary treat is a total party in the mouth. Talk about a slice of heaven!


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  • 3_chocolate.png

    Chocolate heaven

    Gather the coveted Halloween chocolate candies and make this mouth-watering chocolate pie. Crumble up some Kit Kats, Snickers, and toss in a few Twix bars to satisfy all those chocolate-lover fantasies. 

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  • 4_marshmellow.png

    Campire delight

    Some of our favorite things about the fall would probably include pumpkin spice lattes and smores around the campfire. So we thought, why not combine them into one fall-obsessed pie? 

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  • 5_oreos.png

    Hop on this grasshopper bandwagon

    Sounds strange, but this chocolate and mint filled crunchy pie has our taste buds beaming. Just crumble up some Oreos and gummy worms to add a "dirt desert" feel to your baked good. 

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by Becky Kochell | 2/1/2016