Need a homecoming date? Here's some cute ideas on how to ask your crush!


You’ve got the dress, the shoes, a house picked to take photos with your friends.. but are you freaking out cause no one has asked you to be their date yet? Show that you’re a confident and creative chick and ask him first! Or at least pass these ideas along to your guy friends and maybe you and your BFF's will get asked in one of these super cute ways:


  • 1_animallover.png

    For the animal loving guy

    OMG! A date and a pet...could it get any better? If you want to be creative without the live fish, fill a bowl with Swedish fish and candy instead.

    Pinned by: Kayla Madsen

  • 2_funnyguy.png

    For the funny guy

    This fun play on word is a simple, easy and memorable way to ask your crush to the dance. Plus, the whale hats are the cutest!

    Pinned by: Gabby Drew

  • 3_sweettooth.png

    For the guy with a big sweet tooth

    YUM! We might just love this lollipop bouquet more than a bouquet of flowers.

    Pinned by: Sara Funk

  • 4_sportguy.jpg

    For the athlete
    Is your crush on the football or baseball team? These two homecoming proposal idea's would be any jock’s dream. 


    Pinned by: Cathie Hackeloer & Beth Buhrow

  • 5_prankster.png

    For the prankster

    This is definitely going to stand out in the parking lot. Get to school after your crush, and do this to his car! He’s going to need your help cleaning it all off, so he obvi has to say YES! 


    Pinned by: Stacey Gray


by Cheyenne Dermody | 2/1/2016