Lonely homeschooler lookin' for friends

I'm homeschooled and meet with other homeschooled people every Friday, but I still feel lonely. A friend from my old school has all these friends and I get jealous. There isn’t really anything to do in my small town to meet people. How do I meet new friends?


Hey sweetie! I’m sorry you’re feeling blue about your situation. Working by yourself at home every day is tough, especially since you don’t have anyone to commiserate with. While it can be tough to make new friends, the younger you are, the easier it is.


Recreational sports leagues

You don’t have to be terribly sporty or competitive for some local leagues. Some towns have low-key volleyball or kickball teams. Others offer disc golf or ultimate Frisbee tournaments. Dig deep and ask around to see what outdoorsy things are offered in your area.


Local YMCA or activity/rec center

Most cities and even small towns have a rec center, YMCA or otherwise. It offers a place for kids to hang out after school, play games, take classes and trips, etc. Don’t write it off as something “other kids” do. You could be dismissing a ton of fun!


Youth exploratory classes

A community college or even private tutors or local teachers might offer classes in a variety of areas you might be interested in. From throwing pots to watching birds, there are tons of these courses out there, and you might just find a like-minded lady who’d wanna hang out after class.


Girl Scouts

The Girl Scouts and other similar organizations offer instant camaraderie while they do quality service work in the community. You’ll make friends your age in seconds, have built in activities…and something pretty awesome to ad to college and job applications, too.


Church youth group

If you’re even remotely religious, finding out if a nearby church has a youth group is a great way to meet a good group of friends. Consider joining the chorus, too!


Mutual friends

You mentioned being jealous of a friend from your old school. Can you not hang out with her and her old friends…and the rest of your friends from school? You might not be tight with her anymore, but getting to know her new buds could help you meet a guy or girl you really click with.


Hang with other homeschoolers

And what’s wrong with your Friday friends? Try planning a get-together that isn’t during your normal weekday meeting, like a picnic in the park or a bowling outing.


Good luck, girlie!

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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016