The camp cutie likes my BFF, not me!

My best friend and I go to the same camp, and I like a guy who acts more interested in my BFF. She knows I like him, but she doesn’t seem to care about my feelings. How do I know when my friend has crossed the line?
Dear Confused at Camp,
A girl should never hit on her best friend’s boyfriend or go for a BFF’s ex right after a breakup. But when it comes to crushes, the lines are less clear. Are you truly upset with your friend—or are you upset with him for not noticing you or maybe even with yourself for feeling jealous? Think about it—would it really make sense for your friend to ignore a guy she seems to be clicking with just because you like him, too? Even if she were to completely shun him, it won’t ensure that you and he will ever get together.
My advice is to reach out to other campers. Meanwhile, you could admit to your friend that you’re envious but that you wish her luck. Camp will end—don’t let the friendship.
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by Carol Weston | 2/1/2016