Snapshots show all my flaws. Help me be more photogenic!

No matter what I do, I always look horrible in pictures. It feels like it captures every one of my flaws when I get my picture taken! Any tips? 

Absolutely every girl in the world thinks they look worse in pictures then she actually does. Even if you’re the most beautiful girl in the world somehow the camera always seems to find a flaw!


The trick to liking the pictures you take is to find your good side. Discover the perfect angle (from the side, slant the camera, or from above) and then try to take most of your pictures using that technique. If you still don’t feel like that fixes anything try to pin point what you don’t like about yourself in pictures and tweak it ‘til you’re comfortable. Find that extra flattering t-shirt or smile with your mouth closed, whatever feels natural and makes you feel great will look best on camera.  


It’s easy to say you look bad in a picture if a friend snaps a shot when you’re not ready. There’s nothing you can do about that mid-blink moment, but if you know a picture’s coming prepare for it in your mind and it’ll show on your face.


If you think, “I know I’ll look horrible in this. I hate pictures” chances are it won’t turn out great. But if you’re having fun and your smile is genuine the picture should be fantastic. The best photos aren’t the posed ones but the ones of you and your girlfriends laughing and having a good time.


The most important thing to know about a bad picture of you is that you are your own biggest critic. A picture you may hate someone else may love. You just have to try to be less hard on yourself and once you’re more comfortable with your unique beauty you’ll love your pictures as much as everyone else does.


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by Jillian Zacchia | 2/1/2016