Last minute prezzies for pennies: around town edition

We’ve all been there: you’re minutes away from a holiday party and you don’t have a single gift to give. Gulp! Here’s how to make the most of whatever store you stumble into. The result? Cool gifts you’ll actually feel good about giving. Hurrah!

If you’re at a book store...
Knock off everyone on your list with a library of cool picks.

Make a beeline for the mags.
Duh! Pick up the latest GL and wrap it up for your bestie. Later, send in the card so she gets a year-long subscription.

Snag up a moleskine notebook.
Some many of you girlies pen amazing poems and stories. Snag one of these classic notebooks for all of your creative, writer friends.

Step over to the sale rack.

Ya never know what you’re gonna find on the sale rack of a book shop. Gorgeous photography volumes, pretty, cloth-bound versions of the classics or a cool cookbook. Seriously, there are tonsa options out there for under $5.

Buy something for both of you.
If there’s a book you’ve been to read and you know your girl wants to check it out, too, snap it up for both of you. Then, start your own book club in 2011 to discuss the rockin’ read.

If you’re at the drugstore...
Oh boy, babe. The choices are a li’l limited, but you can soo pull it off.

Make a pretty pack.

Think about the type of beauty booty your friend hearts (Is it organic? Is it way glam? Is it party-perf?) and buy 3 minis to match. Toss them in a teeny gift bag to play up their presh size.
Check out our fave beauty products of 2010 for ah-mazing ideas.

Get all the accessories for a movie night.
If you and your pal are total film buffs, buy all the goodies you need for a sleepover, like her fave candies, a mini nail polish and some popcorn. Write her a note explaining the types of flicks you wanna watch on your next movie night. Borrow them from the lib that day for an instant film fest.

Search around for sweet stationery.
Sometimes drugstores have awesome paper aisles. Look for stationery sets, cool pens or a funky photo album.

If you’re at Target...
You’ve got a million possibilities: awesome socks, groovy totes, jewelry galore. Here are a couple other ideas to get you thinking.

Channel game night.
With all the get-togethers during the holidays, now’s the perf time to hand out an instant activity. We’re particularly sweet on Bananagrams this season.

Give her a getaway.
The cold weather has us all dreamin’ of tropical vacays. Snap up a tiny fruity lotion, a bright nail polish and a pair of color (and cheap!) flip-flops for your fave beach bum.

Find something rockin’ for her room.
Target always has the cutest stuff for bedrooms. If your bestie loves to read, get a funky lamp or book light. A pretty pillow, a poster or a cool frame all make her space extra special.


by GL | 2/1/2016