I gained weight over summer break!

I'm in 8th grade now, and I used to be smaller than I am now. Over the summer I gained 15 pounds! It went all to my stomach, thighs, and my "muffin top" area. I'm really self-conscious about the new added weight especially since school started! I’ve tried eating healthier and exercising but I can't seem to stick to it! How can I loose some weight?

Weight gain is totally normal for girls going through puberty, and it’s only natural that your weight is going to fluctuate as your body changes and grows. With that said, focus on achieving a healthy lifestyle rather than obsessing over the numbers on a scale. There are many ways that you can stay on top of working out and eating healthy. The first is to make a realistic schedule you can stick to.  You can always up the ante at a later date.

Fitness Friends
Remember that being healthy doesn’t happen overnight. One of the greatest ways to stick to a workout plan is to get a girlfriend to do it with you. Sometimes exercising can be a drag and it’s never fun to workout alone. With a pal by your side, you can motivate each other and keep each other accountable. It’s also hard to eat healthfully while your friends are chomping away on greasy fries and pizza, too. Having someone with you to help you stay on the nutritious track will def help you out.

Eat Right
Don’t skip out on meals to lose weight. Instead, just be smart about what you choose to eat. Foods like scrambled eggs, yogurt, granola and oatmeal are always good choices for bfast. Eat a power-packed lunch with tons of protein and carbs, and nix the jumbo-sized dinner portions. Also, stay away from snacking on cookies, chips and candies. Alternatives, like veggies, berries and nuts can be equally as filling and healthy for you too.

Working Out

Exercising is also a huge part of getting healthy, so try doing some sort of activity 3 days a week. Switch up your routines with cardio and strength training. You always want to start slow, especially if you’re not too active now, with about 30 minutes a day. Once you get into the groove, up your cardios to 35 minutes and take those 15 reps to 20. CLICK HERE for some of our fave workouts! 

At the end of the day, you’ve only got one body, so learn to love it. People come in all different shapes and sizes and that’s what makes you unique.
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by Natalie Vargas | 2/1/2016