I think I'm fat...

I'm worried about my weight. I went to my doctor for a physical and she said I was at a good weight, but I still think I'm fat. I have low self-esteem. Even my dad makes comments about by tummy! My sister is skinnier than me and I don't know what to do!

Sometimes I think about puking...on purpose. I know I shouldn't because of later effects and it's bad for you etc., but I still think about it! Girls at my school are skinnier than me and I hate it. How can I stop thinking these things?

Hey girl!

Beauty should never be based on your weight. I'm sure you're perfect and pretty just the way you are. Remember that your true gorgeousness comes from stuff ya can't physically see—like your smarts, your amazing singing voice or your ability to be a great friend. Here's how to get happy and feel confident about yourself.

Stop the self-esteem bashing

Tell your dad you don’t like it when he makes comments about your tummy. He might just be joking, but still, if he's hurting you, you need to let him know. If you don't feel comfy talking to your pops yourself, approach your mom or an aunt or older sibling who can relay the message.

Quit comparing

If your doc said that you're a healthy weight...then you are! There are always going to be girls who are skinnier than you (and I know, because I’m no stick thin gal myself). Everyone (especially girls!) comes in different shapes and size, so embrace your uniqueness. You are only going to drive yourself crazy if you constantly compare yourself to other girls, so don’t! Base your self-esteem on your accomplishments—like scoring the lead in a play, getting straight As or leading your school's food drive—not your physical appearance.

Make plans

It seems like you're super-concerned about your weight, but you need to be more concerned about your health. Purging food and starving yourself can cause fatal problems in the future (not to mention the mental toll it will take on you), so it’s important to steer clear of doing anything dangerous to lose a few pounds. Make sure your diet is well-balanced and filled with protein, fruits and veggies. Exercise regularly doing something you like to do, whether that’s running, playing soccer or dancing to your iPod. When you live a healthy lifestyle, you will feel healthy and one hundred times better about yourself. For more safe, fun tips on getting healthy, head to G-Life. And if you still feel badly about your weight, please head to a guidance counselor or trusted adult to talk about it ASAP.

C'mon get happy

The most important thing you can do to get rid of your negative thoughts is to think positive. Every time you start comparing yourself, stop, breathe and tell yourself two positive things about yourself (like how you aced your history exam or how close you are to getting a personal best in your track event). Listen to your doc about your weight, and remember, skinny doesn’t equal beautiful. The prettiest girls are the happiest girls, so keep your chin up.


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by Liz | 2/1/2016