How can I workout in the winter?

What are some ways to keep in shape and exercise daily this winter? Volleyball season is over and Track and field does not start until spring. I want to stay active, but how? It’s so cold outside!


Brr! I said it’s cold out there! As the leaves fall and the temperatures drop, you may be tempted now more than ever to stay in and chill out.  But if you do that, all of your hard work from volleyball season will be for nothing and you don’t want to be out of shape in the spring.

Continue to train for your spring sports during the winter by getting a little creative. If you can afford it, definitely join a gym…there are tons of equipment and you never have to step outside! Or you could buy a couple of DVDs (belly dancing, yoga, Pilates, hip-hop, you name it, they’ve got it!). Or, if you’re between “financial blessings” as my dad says, head over to your local library to rent some exercise DVDs.

If you’re itching to get outside, be sure to bundle up before you go for a run! You don’t have to leave the house looking like Frosty the Snowman; the key to comfort is to dress in layers. My BGF swears by Under Armour long-sleeved shirts. What he doesn’t know is you can buy less expensive brands at stores, like Target and Kohl’s. Remember, most of your heat escapes from your head and your feet, so don’t forget your hat!

Stay warm,


2/23/2010 3:13:00 PM