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5 confidence-boosting things to write on your mirror right now

Everyone needs a little confidence boost now and again, but giving yourself your own pep talk isn't always easy. Here are five sweet and simple sayings you can write on your mirror or in your locker that are sure to put a smile on your face.

The only opinion that matters is my own.
Nobody should have the power to negatively affect how you think of yourself.  Once you know that you’re beautiful and know just how fantastically worthy of all that you want you are, everything becomes available. Who cares what a jealous girl thinks when you’ve got your own back?

Fake it ‘til ya make it. 
Your confidence doesn’t come from your physical appearance of validation of those features. It may seem like it when you see pretty girls who just stand out as being sure of themselves. But, it isn’t based off of them being “pretty.”  Oddly enough, it radiates from within.  As soon as you’ve got it set in your head that you’re gonna go out and rock it, you’ll get that fantastic aura. Next thing you know, you’ll be that oh-so confident girl that everyone else admires.

Try and succeed or try and fail. Either way, you win.
If things don’t go your way, then you leave with a life lesson.  Sometimes not getting what you want leaves you better off in the end, and the feeling of never knowing what could have happened can sting you more than avoiding the 5-percent chance of it all ending poorly.

Anything is possible.
Often it becomes too easy to take yourself out of the game when you’re worried about how it may end up.  You can be so close to getting what you want and then poof! You get a mixed signal from a sweetie you like or a predicted thunderstorm on a day of your best friend’s birthday party. Wait it out, things work out right when given time.

To do: Be happy!
It’s easy to get caught up in specifics. Make your goal to be happy. When your goal is simple, and all you want is to be happy, it’s more difficult to let little things get you down.

What phrase or mantra do you keep close by to boost your confidence?


by Jordan Sarovsky | 11/27/2016