How to deal with a flaky friend


It's Friday night and you've just spent the last hour curling your hair and perfecting your winged eyeliner for the party you're going to with your bestie. Your phone buzzes and you expect it's her saying she's heading over to pick you upbut instead it's a text that says, "Sorry, have to rain check!" Which you would be cool with if this, like, never happened but unfortunately, she's been cancelling a lot lately. Flaky friends are frustrating so here's how to deal when you're always getting ditched.

Speak up
Your friend might not realize how her last-minute cancellations are affecting you. Find a time the two of you can talk one on one and let her know how you're feeling. Try something like, "I really value our friendship but when you're always flaking out on me, I feel really disappointed and let-down." Hopefully, she'll understand and make an effort to change her ways.

Listen to her
When you have the chat about her constant ditching, try to figure out what's really going on (we bet it has nothing to do with you!) and ask if there's anything you can do to help. It could be that her parents have been cracking down on grades or she's trying to save money or it could be a sign of something more serious like depression. Be there for her if she needs you.

Let her make the plans
If you're always being cancelled on, chances are you're also always the one asking her to grab ice cream after school or to sleepover at your house on Saturday night. Ease up on your texts and invites and wait until she initiates a hangout sesh. She may get the hint that she's been dropping the ball and step up her friend game.

Know when to call it quits
Sometimes, enough is enough. While we're all for giving your bud a second (or third) chance, you also deserve the kind of gal pal who values your time and your friendship. If you try talking to her and things still don't change, it may be time to walk away from that relationship.

Have you ever dealt with a flaky friend? Share your advice in the comments below! 


by Amanda Tarlton | 3/6/2019