Tees totally perfect for every pair of besties


Are you and your best friend practically inseparable? Do you spend so much time together that people rarely see one of you without the other? Be a dream BFF duo with adorable matching t-shirts. We’ve found tees for every pair of best friends to show their BFF love and complement each other in the cutest fashion.


1. Freshtops, $40 for both

On a rainy summer night, you and your BFF can cozy up and watch hours of your fave Gossip Girl episodes in these crewnecks. Wearing these matching sweatshirts will make you feel like your own versions of Serena and Blair.


2. Etsy, $15.99 per shirt

No morning is complete without a daily cup of caffeine and a sugary doughnut. If you and your best friend know this is true, then these shirts are the ones for you.


3. CustomizedGirl, $21.97 per shirt

These jersey style tees are super stylish for blonde and brunette BFFs to show their bestie bond. This pair of shirts makes for an athletic and adorable look we think is amazing.


4. Freshtops, $30 for both

Are you and your BFF the sweetest pair? If you two go great together like peanut butter and Nutella, then these are the crop tops for your fun friendship.


5. Etsy, $40 for both

Feel close to your BFF even when she’s miles away. These t-shirts will keep you and you bestie connected throughout your long distance friendship.


6. CustomizedGirl, $26.97 per shirt

Every BFF pair of gym-loving gals can sweat in style with these swole sister shirts. They'll be your new go-to workout tanks all summer long.


7. Etsy, $34.95 for both

What’s a burger without a side of french fries? This set of hamburger and fries tanks is ideal for the classic combo of best friends.


8. Freshtops, $40 for both

If your best friend is the one who makes your heart whole, then you two will treasure these half heart best friend tees. This t-shirt makes a great gift to show your BFF that she completes you.

Photo credit: Instagram

Which pair of shirts is perfect for you and your best friend? Let us know in the comments!


by Megan Holt | 7/19/2016