Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I think my crush is avoiding me!"

Dear Carol, 

There's this guy I have a crush on at school, but ever since he found out I liked him, he's been avoiding me. We were friends before, but I'm too scared to confront him. I've been thinking about what I could have done differently.


Dear Awkward, 

It won't stay awkward forever. When a significant relationship ends, it's ideal is the exes can discuss what happened. But whena relationship never quite got off the ground, no need to hash it out. You say you're scared to confront him, so listen to that fear: Don't confront him. And don't second-guess any missteps. He may just not want to have a girlfriend, especially during this weird time when going out is trickier than ever. Stay friendly and I bet you two will remain friends, at the very least. Or the time may come when you wonder why you ever got so stuck on this particular individual. Me, I'm glad that some of my first crushes walked on by and didn't become my one-and-only. 

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by GL | 3/10/2021