Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, my crush is giving me mixed signals!"

Dear Carol,

There’s this guy I am good friends with. We’ve been friends for the past two years. I am getting so many mixed signals from him! He talks to me and texts me all the time. He also flirts with me and is kind and respectful and sometimes treats me as though we were dating. He even gets kinda jealous when I talk about other guys. It’s really cute! But there’s a problem: Sometimes when we hang out, he is texting other girls. I’m not sure if it’s a friend thing or what. He never talks about the other girls around me. I know he isn’t mine, but I am super confused! Does he like me or not?

-Mixed Signals

Dear Mixed Signals,

I’m sure he likes you, but, as you pointed out, you aren’t dating. So, he shouldn’t mind if you talk about other guys and you shouldn’t mind if he takes a brief moment to text other girls. What to do? Either keep enjoying your relationship as is, or bravely open up the tricky subject. Consider saying, “Sometimes it feels like we have more than a friendship. Have you ever thought about the two of us going out?” There’s a risk to this, of course, and it’s your call, not mine. Note: His acting jealous about your other guy friends may seem cute now, but that would get old fast.

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by GL | 1/10/2021