Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, my BFF and I have the same crush!"

Dear Carol,

My friend and I have been best friends since first grade. She recently told me her crush, and it happened to be the same guy I liked. I feel like I’m stuck in a movie! Of course, I’m not going to tell my best friend I like the guy she likes—I wouldn’t want to hurt her. So I’ve been avoiding our mutual crush as best I can, but he and I still have one class together. All I can do is cross my fingers and hope my feelings go away soon.

-Same Crush

Dear Same Crush,

Whenever you think, “All I can do is cross my fingers,” there’s usually more you can do. If your bestie and the crush seem to like each other, take a step back and start noticing other cuties. If, however, they aren’t an item, you don’t have to back off forever, especially if you think he does like you. Next time a friend confesses that she likes the same guy you like, rather than clamming up, laugh and say, “Oh no, me too! Let’s make a pact to not let this mess up our friendship.” Because here’s the thing: In the big picture, your relationship with each other probably will last longer than any fleeting romance.

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by GL | 10/28/2020