Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, how can you tell if a guy likes you?"

Dear Carol, 

How can you tell if a boy likes you? 

-How Do I Know? 

Dear How Do I Know, 

If only there was one surefire answer! There isn't, because guys are all so different. When a guy is shy, a half-smile can speak volumes. When a guy likes to flirt, it's harder to tell if his "hi there!' carries extra meaning. Most guys, like most girls, are complicated-and feelings change and evolve. The rule of thumb is if a nice boy is paying attention to you, that's a good sign. Smile or text back, let your eyes meet, offer a casual compliment or ask a friendly question. Don't ask, "Do you like me?" and don't tell your friends to quiz his (Go-betweens can be helpful, but also can mess things up.) Ideally, you two can. enjoy getting to know each other and figure out if you're a good match. And if Mr. Wonderful isn't paying attention to you despite your subtle efforts? Hang on to your heart and your pride-and start noticing someone who will notice you. 

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by GL | 8/20/2020