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Here’s the astrology app that’s perfect for *you*

Whether you have no idea what "mercury retrograde" is or you can read your friends' birth charts like a pro, apps dedicated to horoscopes and star signs can be a super fun and insightful addition to your life. Don't know where to look among the abundance of astrology apps? Follow along our guide to choose the mobile app that best fits *your* astrology needs!

If you're a newbie and want something user-friendly: Sanctuary

Sanctuary | App Store, Google Play Store

With an adorable and unique text message-like interface, Sanctuary is perfect for beginners who are just learning the ropes of astrology. After inputting your birth chart information, you can read your daily horoscope as well as fun extras, like your "Power Emoji" and Tarot Card of the day. Sanctuary also provides engaging and easy-to-understand guides on the basics of astrology—planets, signs, moon phases and so much more. You'll be able to understand those astrology memes on Instagram in *no* time.

If you want to understand yourself and your relationships: The Pattern

The Pattern | App Store, Google Play Store

What makes The Pattern unique is that the app never directly mentions your astrological placements; it just analyzes your traits, strengths, fears and relationships in *full* detail. The Pattern's insights into your life can be incredibly eye-opening and assist your personal growth (even if you feel called out by the accuracy of their explanations). You can also run "Friendship Bonds" with your friends—or even with your fave celebrity!

If you want scarily accurate daily horoscopes: Co-Star

Co-Star | App Store, Google Play Store

If there's one app on this list that you've already heard of, it's probably Co-Star. Co-Star is known for its sometimes bizarre "Your day at a glance" notifications that have sparked some viral Tweets and memes. This app's horoscopes and ~oddly specific~ recommendations are great for newbies, novices and those of you who enjoy astrology casually. We also love the social aspect of Co-Star; you can assess your compatibility with your friends, compare your birth charts and read about how your different placements interact with each other. 

If you want to take a *deep* dive into your birth chart: Time Nomad

Time Nomad | App Store

Unlike the other apps, we *def* recommend Time Nomad for more advanced astrologers. With a planetary positions calculator,Time Nomad calculates precise astrological charts and the positions of all major and minor planets, transits and fixed stars...need we say more? If you're already familiar with all this terminology, or you want to gain a greater understanding of astrology, then Time Nomad might be your new fave app. 

If you want to use astrology for mindfulness and healing: CHANI

CHANI | App Store

CHANI describes itself as a "tool for self-discovery." CHANI comes with free weekly horoscopes and a view of your birth chart, but if you pay a pricey $11.99/month subscription, you gain access to a library of personalized meditations for different needs and moons, a weekly workshop, a private journal with prompts and other premium features. Who knew that astrology could guide your growth and wellbeing?

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by Jinny Kim | 10/25/2021