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How to romanticize your life this back-to-school season

If you're missing summer right now, we totally understand. I mean, who wouldn't? From the vibrant colors to the cheerful weather to the carefree vibes, summer is *such* a dream. But what if we told you it was totally possible to romanticize your life this back-to-school season, too? Keep reading for a comprehensive list of ways to romanticize your life this fall.

1. Pretend you are studying in a movie

Sometimes, motivating yourself to study for an upcoming quiz or exam is the *last* thing you want to do. Our recommendation? Pretend that you are the main character studying for a big final in a TV show or movie. Put on your coziest lounge set, set up your workspace (complete with notes, pens and snacks, ofc) and hit the books. Sometimes, romanticizing your study grind is all you need to do to motivate yourself. 

2. Develop small habits 

If you struggle with finding joy in your school year routine, create little rituals that you can look forward to every day. Here is a list of some ideas:

  • Make yourself an amazing cup of coffee every morning.
  • Listen to your favorite song right after waking up.
  • Do a face mask or create a skin-care routine.
  • Make playlists for specific activities in your life.
  • Get up and make your bed every morning.
  • Journal or do something creative.
  • Go outside (even if it's just for a little bit!)

These small activities can help you implement healthy habits into your daily routine and make you appreciate the smaller things in your life. 

3. Capture things on film (or in your camera roll)

Whether you prefer using a film, digital or phone camera, we highly recommend capturing your life on film so you have *tons* of memories to look back on when you're older. Taking photos and videos while you're laughing with friends, exploring nature or having a family game night is a great way to preserve memories that you might think are mundane now but will cherish later. Romanticizing your life is all about finding joy in the little moments, right?

4. Take good notes at school 

Do you think that taking notes at school is a total snooze-fest? If so, we have the trick for you. Use fun pens, highlighters, tabs, sticky notes or stickers to make taking notes so much more fun. Beautifying your notes is also the perfect opportunity to *actually* use all of the school supplies you got this year. Adding some color or a cute heading can make a world of difference—even if the actual content is a little boring.

5. Imagine this...

If you've been dying to live out your dark academia lifestyle, you're in luck, because you can *totally* make this dream come true with just a little bit of creativity and imagination. If you want to channel your inner Rory Gilmore, throw on an oversized sweater, some jeans and your coziest scarf to *totally* give off those New England fall vibes, Pack your bag filled with items that make you feel like your *most* aesthetic self (looking at you, leather-bound notebooks and rollerball pens) and head to the study location of your dreams. Whether that be a local park, old library or the coziest nook in your house, prioritize finding a space that makes you feel *good* about yourself and your work. 

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by Miriam Riley | 9/13/2021