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Your official back-to-school horoscopes for Virgo season

Virgo season is here to keep us all on track. (Psst: It's possibly the *real* reason school always starts this month.)

Studious and hardworking, Virgo energy works to prime everyone (no matter their sign) to put their best, most focused foot forward. If you find yourself color-coding all your notebooks by subject or tidying up your desk in the weeks before school starts, you can thank Virgo season for the sudden burst of inspo.

What’s also cheery about this time of year is the number of planets (Venus, Mercury, Mars) that enter chatty, diplomatic Libra. They give everyone the chance to catch up, make new friends and put themselves out there more. (Trying out for drama club? Making the track team for the first time? Check and check!) By the time the sun enters Libra on Sept. 22, everyone will feel optimistic about the rest of the year, thanks to the extra dose of kind, social Libra energy.


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The new moon in like-minded Leo on Aug. 8 gives you the nudge you need to really shine as a leader. If there’s a club or group you’ve always wanted to start at school (or even to lend an organizing hand), this is the time to start brainstorming. The sun remains in Leo until Aug. 21, which helps keep your creative juices flowing. By the time Virgo season officially begins on Aug. 22, you’ll feel more than ready to pitch your ideas. No matter what happens, the fact that you’re willing to take this leap and put yourself out there is a giant step for you. Know that the stars have your back.


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When Uranus, planet of innovation, goes retrograde in your sign on Aug. 19, it pushes you to reassess what makes you truly happy. Are you finding yourself already dreading tennis practice, wishing you could join the school newspaper instead? Do you have a track record of accidentally signing up for so many extracurrics that you can never enjoy or excel in any of them? Think on it, because by the time of the new moon in earth sign Virgo on Sept. 6, you might have a big “aha” moment about what you really want to commit to this year.


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When Venus enters breezy Libra on Aug. 16, you feel positively magnetic. Your charm dials up even more once conversational Mercury approaches Libra on Aug. 30, making this a great time for new friendships. One word of caution: Fiery Mars in Libra on Sept. 14 makes you prone to oversharing your opinions—all a few weeks before Mercury goes retrograde in Libra on Sept. 27. These events can create a bit of drama if, say, you find yourself gossiping or being judgy. But as long as you channel Libra’s diplomatic side, this will be a wonderful season for you.


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You might feel like you’re the only one starting school this fall with some big doubts: You’re questioning your friendships, your classes and even what you like to do. Come Sept. 10, though, Venus enters introspective Scorpio—meaning you can better get to the bottom of what’s bugging you. Then, on Sept. 20, Vesta, an asteroid dealing with passion and spirituality, also enters Scorpio, helping you figure out your values and clarify your goals. Try journaling to unlock your inner thoughts—this could be the time you land on a college major or career path you’d like to pursue.


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You’ve loved the confidence you’ve felt with the sun, which rules over you, in your sign over the summer. But thanks to the new moon on Aug. 8, you’re about to experience a huge epiphany when it comes to maintaining that good feeling all year long. It could be something as simple as changing your hair, splurging on that jacket you’ve been eyeing or even just making more of an effort to text people first. This is an internal and external makeover—and by the time Virgo season starts on Aug. 22, you’ll be ready to implement all these fresh changes.


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You’re one of the hardest-working signs, but sometimes your efforts feel invisible. With communicative Mercury in Virgo on Aug. 11, you’re ready to start claiming more space and voicing your accomplishments without worrying if it makes you too braggy (it doesn't!). Once the sun enters your sign on Aug. 22, you'll feel a rush of confidence. This could lead to anything from getting the lead in the school play to being the star of the field hockey team. Hold onto this energy and you’ll be ready to manifest it into whatever you want to accomplish this fall.


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When lovey Venus enters your sign on Aug. 16, you may findsomeone on your mind. Truth: Even the most charismatic Libras can get a little tongue-tied around a crush. If you’re already anxious about the idea of texting them, don’t worry—Mercury, planet of communication, enters your sign on Aug. 30. This is the best time to low-key get to know them. Once action-focused Mars enters your sign on Sept. 14, you might feel a sudden need to make your feelings known (just try to do it before Sept. 27, when Mercury goes retrograde in your sign). Best of luck!


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With the busyness of summer, you may feel like you’ve grown apart from a family member, bestie or bae. But when Venus, planet of love, enters your sign on Sept. 10, you feel ready to take a closer look at the relationship. Are there things you could change, like reaching out more? Is your tendency to guard your heart keeping you two from growing closer? This is the time to ask those questions, because on Sept. 20, Vesta, an asteroid dealing with home and spirituality, enters your sign, allowing you to reconnect with this person— and giving your relationship a much-needed refresh.


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On Aug. 2, Juno, an asteroid dealing with commitment, enters your sign. When in Sagittarius, it signifies a type of love defined by freedom (you, of all signs, can’t be in a relationship where you feel stifled or stuck). This event could mean a few things: You might decide to break things off with someone you know deep down you’re no longer into—or you could form a new special bond with someone as adventurous as you are. Whichever path you choose, look forward to Libra season in September, which is bound to make communication on all fronts a lot smoother.


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While everyone else is savoring the last moments of summer, you secretly can’t wait for school. When intellectual Mercury enters studious Virgo on Aug. 11, you’re in practice study mode, already buried in several books you love. By the time the sun enters Virgo on Aug. 22, you’ll feel especially ready to jump into school, purely due to excitement about some of your classes. The new moon in Virgo on Sept. 6 makes you look closer at where you want your focus this year (especially since you don’t want to burn out). Get ready: Academically, this could be your best year yet.


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The full moon in your sign on Aug. 22 prompts you to evaluate the people and things in your life that bring you the greatest fulfillment. You might feel like you don’t fully connect with your crew or that your past extracurrics don’t reflect what you care about now. When Murcury enters Libra on Aug. 30, you'll have an easier time talking to a new classmate (who might be your future BFF). Action-packed Mars enters Libra on Sept. 14, giving you the nudge you need to join a new activity. This is your time to really find who (and what) you want to devote your precious time to.


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September is all about extending more compassion toward yourself. Venus moves into watery Scorpio on Sept. 10, pushing you to plunge deeper into your feels. Examine whether there are times when you’re overextending or being too hard on yourself. The full moon in your sign on Sept. 20 makes you look at your core needs, including where you can cut yourself some slack. If you’ve already been stressed about school, this is the time to take a step back and see where you can ease up. If you do that, you’ll be primed for success for the rest of the year.

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by Lily Johnson | 8/22/2021