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How each sign is celebrating a socially distant summer

Does it feel like the dog days of summer have begun? Maybe you've learned that TikTok dance, baked that banana bread, and now have *no idea* what to do. Still looking for a way to keep busy this summer? Look to the stars!


Girl, you're a natural leader, equally optimistic and brave. Use your natural savvy and that bright brain to conceive companies or business ideas this summer! The business world runs on conference calls and notebooks fulls of thoughts — the perfect accessories to social distancing. Plus, you have all the time in the world to create a logo, build your *perfect* team, and maybe even design some merch.


Tauruses are sensual and creative, but also love the comfort of routine. Baking is the dream activity for a bull, centered around methodical recipes and yummy taste tests. Just maybe, um, move on from banana bread.


You're naturally expressive and curious, Gemini, and social distancing might be hard for you. Hosting a virtual dinner party is the perfect way to get all your besties together to catch up. Consider requiring a costume theme to indulge your multiple "personalities". This evening full of gossip and fun will reignite your social spirit.


A Cancer is a nurturer, and that includes nurturing yourself. Use this time to totally revamp your room into the cozy cave you deserve. A new color, some fun lights, and fluffy blankets can make your four walls *totally* you.


Leos have a flair for the dramatic, and you're no exception, girl. This summer may have downsized your audience, but you can still make a production of your daily life! This is the perfect time to start that YouTube channel you've always considered. Filming and editing will make the summer fly, and you'll have a perfect outlet for your star power.


Practical and analytical, a Virgo is going to want to feel a sense of accomplishement after this summer. Put those overthinking skills to good use by analyzing all the best books of the summer. Reading a summer bookshelf is practical; reviewing those books for all your friends and family is fun!


Libra, some of your best qualities are your diplomacy and social nature. Especially in this current moment, you can lend your strengths best to advocating for a social issue important to you! This may be climate change, police brutality, the Black Lives Matter movement, or any others that to call you.


Scorpio, you're somewhat of a mystery... which means you love a good adventure. Take advantage of your built-in bravery and conquer the unknown of a new hiking trail or mountain. The sense of awe and accomplishment when you reach the peak will fulfill both your sensible and emotional sides.


You're funny, and you know it. Sag, your role in the friend group is to make others laugh, and that doesn't have to pause during the summer. Pick your favorite Netflix comedy special, and organize a watch party with your pals, so you can give running commentary throughout.


Capricorn, there's no denying that you thrive on achieving tasks. This summer, planting and maintaining a garden is the perfect thing to 1. keep you busy, and 2. measure your success. Plus, this is easily done right in your backyard— and you can enjoy the *fruits* of your labor. 


You're original, Aquarius, and you won't let anyone change you. Listen to yourself and tap into your imagination to create some art this summer! Drawing, painting, writing, or dance — art can be anything you choose. You'll come out of the summer with not only a work of art, but also a tribute to your creative personality.


Sweet Pisces, you're emotional in the best way. You also love to show your friends and family how much you care about them — which can be hard to do during the distance of a pandemic. Start sending some handwritten mail to your loved ones; it will combine the personal and the creative sides of you.

All artwork: @shemekhbluwi

by Maggie Chipman | 7/29/2020