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11 thoughts everyone has during family vacation

Family vacations are the best—can't we all agree? You can sit out in the sun, splash in the pool, sleep in and—best of all—don't have to do homework. These 11 GIFs totally describe the thoughts we all have on a family vacation. 

1. "There are *so* many fun things I want to do—how am I going to fit them all in!?"

Having a sched means you can pack in every and any activity—just don't forget to leave some time for some spontaneous fun.

2. "I want to eat *everything*"

Truth: Vacation food is so irresistible. Ice cream and burgers, cotton candy and pizza—there really are no better noms. Just don't forget to squeeze in some fruits and veggies!

3. "OMG, I'm so full"

Turns out, you *can* have too much of a good thing.

4. "I hope I make friends!"

Impromptu convos with potential pals at the hotel pool are the best. Who knows, someone you meet on vacay could even become a bestie for life!

5. "I'm totally going to hit the gym while I'm on vacay!"

Reality: sleeping in + skipping the sweat seshes.

6. "I hope I look good in my bathing suit..."

Spoiler alert: you will. Every body is a bikini body, babe.

7. "I literally don’t want to do anything else but sit in the sun and splash in the pool"

Pool days = the best days!

8. "Why is my brother so annoying???"

"Is it too much to ask for a little quiet so I can nap in the shade?!"

9. "OMG, I love my family!"

At the end of the day, they're the *best* vacation buddies. 

10. "Should I read a book? Or go in the pool?"

Read a book *at* the pool, obviously.

12. "I don’t want this vacation to be over!"

The last day of any vacation is always the saddest. Why can't vacations be permanent?!

Do you have these same thoughts when you go on a family vacation?

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by Taisha Khalil | 5/14/2019
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