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30 ways to have the best. summer. ever.

It's May, and that means summer break is almost here! Three beautifully long months of relaxation and sun are just around the corner—ahhh. There are so many things you want to do, but you're *totally* unprepared. 

That's where we step in...

What to do
Three months of no responsibilities sounds fun, right? Right—until you realize that you've got *way* too much free time on your hands. So, click HERE for our ultimate summer bucket list. 

What to wear
Now that you've got your itinerary, you need the perfect outfit. Go HERE for a rundown of summer's best trends.

What to pack
You'll be throwing all your cute new clothes into your suitcase, ofc. But what about everyhting else? We've got you covered with a packing list HERE.

Share your summer plans in the comments below! 


by GL | 5/5/2018
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