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Rekindle your creative spark with these four ideas

Is there a hobby you used to do that you find yourself missing? For one reason or another you just stopped, maybe because there wasn't enough time in the day or it became a job instead of a creative hobby. As we get older, our imaginations and creativity can start to fade away because other things like school are taking our attention away from them. It's time to get them back! Check out these simple steps to rekindle your creative passion!

Block out some time each week to work on your passion
You know the saying, "you'll make time for what you wanna make time for" and it's true! Whether it be 15 minutes to an hour, once a week, use that time to focus just on your passion. Practice a new dance, write a journal prompt, learn a new code, visit a mueum for inspo, read a chapter of a book...or whatever it is that you miss doing, use this short time to do that. As you go through each week, build on those times and you'll begin to see progress in your work and your love for that project grow!

Join a class or club
This gives you a community of other people who are interested in the same things as you and can help you grow you passions. Signing up for a class also gives you the structure you need to stick to that hobby, so you won't lose that spark again. 

Research success stories
Reading up on or watching interviews of talented individuals who are in the field you love is a great way to help rekindle your passions. You get to see how their hardwork, perseverance and consistency brought them to where they are now. This should help inspire you to continue chasing your passions and don't give up on yourself!

Create a vision board
Vision boards are perfect for bringing all your thoughts and dreams in one place and putting them in plain sight. Post pictures and quotes of things that inspire you to get your imagination flowing and encourage you to get staretd on your passions!

What is your creative passion? How do you continue to go after it with your busy schedule? Let us know in the comments!


by Toyin Akinwande | 5/25/2018
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