All About You

*This* is your chance to be featured in the mag!

Awkward girls, it's your time to shine!

If you're anything like us, you push all your embarrassing moments into the verrrrry back of your mind as if they never happened. Well, we're asking you to pull them back out and share them with us for our upcoming December/January issue!

Tell us your awkward/cringey/embarrassing/OMG moments in the comments below or submit them HERE with the subject line "Awkward Moment" for your chance to be featured in the pages of GL. Seasonal LOLs—stories about Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year's, cringey snowball fights, holiday concerts, etc.—make for the best LOLs, but all awkward sitches are welcome. Don't forget to include your first name and last initial in your comment or submission!

Photo credit: via GIPHY, Business Insider

by GL | 8/23/2017
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