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15 ways you can *actually* pumpkin everything!

With September and October comes one of the most notorious seasons: pumpkin spice season! And we can't get enough of it. While we *love* pumpkin spice lattes, there are tons of other ways to embrace your fave flavor/scent/color in your life—and they're all amazing.

1. Candles

To get yourself in the right mindset, pick up some of your fave pumpkin-scented candles. To be the perfect amount of extra, carve out a mini pumpkin and use it as a candle holder! So chic. 

2. Soap
Soaps, lotions, body scrubs and hand sanitizers are all awesome ways to add a little (pumpkin) spice to your day! Snag some from Bath & Body Works or make your own

3. Shirts
From Etsy, to Target, to Forever 21, there are lots of stores with clothes that will pump up your wardrobe.

4. Tea
Who says you can only pumpkin spice coffee? Pumpkin tea is just as delish!

5. Frosting
We all know that you can turn pumpkin into just about any baked good. Classic cupcakes with a whirl of fall frosting is the most delicious way to up your dessert game.

6. Breakfast
No matter what you scarf down in the morning, you can always add some pumpkin to it to make it more fall appropriate! Make your own with recipes or check out the seasonal menu at your local diner. 

7. Date
You'll fall in love with the thought of adding some spice to your dating life with these 5 fab fall date ideas. So swoon. 

8. Mani
Keep autumn at your fingertips with cute orange manis like this one. You can snag this Essie polish almost anywhere. 

9. Lipstick
If nails just aren't enough, put a twist on your makeup look with some adorbs pumpkin lip color

10. Canvases
Change up your DIYs by trying out some pumpkin-inspired canvases! It's a great way to get crafty and keep your room in season.  

11. Babysitting
Guess what? Kids love pumpkins too! Let them have fun with pumpkins crafts or movies and you'll be the best sitter on the block!

12. Bedding
Add some throw pillows or warm toned blankets to you bed for fun fall vibes. How cute are these little pumpkins!?

13. Coffee Mugs
Listen, we know you love PSLs just as much as we do. So why not drink your fave drink in an equally perfect mug or tumblr?

14. Gifts
Whether it's your aunt's birthday, or you just want to give a gift just 'cause, you can add some flavor into the gifts and gift wrap! Check out these PSL gift tags and knitwear inspo here.

15. Slumber Party
Throw together some fall-themed films. Get some pumpkin candy and orange string lights. Pile up the flannel blankets and pillows. Between your autumnal aesthetic and your fierce squad, you're guaranteed to have the best night.

What's your favorite thing to add some pumpkin spice to? Tell us in the comments!

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by Aly Prouty | 9/24/2017
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