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15 ways to make Mondays fun again

Mondays can be a total drag (especially when it's your first day back to school), but they don't *have* to be! There are so many ways you can fill Monday with good vibes. Let's start with these 15.

1. Think of Mondays as a fresh start
If your chem test didn’t go as planned or you and your locker buddy butted heads last week, think of Monday as a fresh start. Put everything behind you and walk into school with a smile on your face. Your mantra? "This week’s going to be amazing!"

2. Find a holiday to celebrate!
News flash: Halloween is *not* the only holiday you should be looking forward to! There are random holidays practically every day. Eat An Extra Dessert Day is Monday, Sept. 4 (which is also Beyoncé's birthday, if you need another reason to eat cake) and Monday, Sept. 5 is Comic Book Day

3. Try something new
If you’re the girl with Pinterest boards full of awesome DIYs and recipes you’ve been putting off trying out, why not pick one to create this Monday? Or, if you’ve been wanting to learn how to skateboard, dedicate the afternoon to practicing your moves.

4. Make plans after school
Sometimes school is just *boring*. But you control what you do after the bell rings! Make plans to go to the mall, hit the gym or something else you and your gal pals enjoy doing together. You’ll have something to look forward to all day!

5. Start the day off with your fave delish drink
Coffee, tea and cocoa make everything better! If you’ve been craving a fancy drink, Mondays are the time to #treatyourself.

6. Rock your fave outfit
That romper that fits and flatters you just right? Those jeans you never want to take off? Your new Vans? Wear your best ensemble on the first day of the week and you’ll be smiling and confident!

7. Change up your look
Rock some french braids or a bright lipstick to class! It’s fun to play around with your beauty routine. And when everyone compliments you on how gorg you look, well, your day will get better!

8. Sign up for lunch period with your bestie
Knowing you’ll get to see your BFFs face today will make enduring math class solo way easier! You’ll never be alone at lunch, and you can catch up on everything that went down last weekend.

9. Make a Monday jam list
Make a playlist with your favorite songs on them. Play it when you get up in the morning, when you’re doing homework, or literally all day! Rocking out to your favorite hits can turn your Monday around.

10. Join a club or sports team
Always wanted to go out for cheerleading? Have a secret artistic talent? Join a club or sports team that meets today! It’ll be a stress free way to do something you love.

11. Pack your favorite lunch
Whether it’s leftovers from the fancy meal you had for Mom’s birthday on Sunday, or a classic PB&J, pack something you’ll be stoked to scarf down.

12. Movie Monday
With so many good flicks out, when are you supposed to see them all?! Oh right, the first day of the week. Theaters normally aren’t crowded, and this is a great thing to do to beat the Monday blues.

13. Stock up the school supplies
If writing in purple pens makes you happy, then buy a whole pack and store them in your locker. Break them out today and even the snooze fest worthy notes will look so cute.

14. Sleep in
If you pack your lunch and pick out your outfit on Sunday night, you can sleep in in the morning. We like to think the day would be a little better if everyone got an extra 15 minutes of snooze time!

15. Inspire yourself
Start your day with some serious inspo. Grab a book or browse Pinterest for some inspirational quotes. It’ll remind you that you can do anything and set your whole week up for success!

Do you have any more tips to beat the Monday blues? Share them with us in the comments!


by Aly Prouty | 9/9/2018
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