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Bras 101

GL went undercover to bring you the basics of choosing the right undergarments. Push-up bras, underwires, As, Bs and Cs, we’re breaking down the baffling world of bras.

Sports Bra
The bras reduce bounce and are good for sports and for lounging.
Best on: everyone.
Wear under: activewear.

Padded, No Wire
Extra padding provides a bit of support and lots of shape.
Best on: most busts.
Wear under: close-fitting clothings.

Padded with Underwire
Thicker padding gives extra oomph while the underwire supports and lifts.
Best on: everyone.
Wear under: heavy sweaters and thicker fabrics.

Heavy padding for an extra boost. Some styles include removable pads for adjustable shaping.
Best on: medium busts.
Wear under: formal dresses.

Soft Cup
No underwires make for maximum comfort but not much extra support. Disappears under clothing, no telltale bra lines.
Best on: smaller busts.
Wear under: tight tees and thin fabrics.

Soft stretch bra.
Best on: small busts. Use wired bandeaus for larger busts.
Wear under: strapless tops and skinny tanks.

Underwire Only
Great support, not a lot of extra shape.
Best on: most busts.
Wear under: light to medium fabrics, check for “show-through.”

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6/3/2009 7:00:00 AM