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5 ways to protect your hair this summer

Between the crazy heat and tons of pool time, summer isn't exactly your hair's favorite season. But it's possible to save your strands, so you don't roll into fall with a frazzled mane. So, do one last hair flip and then read on, to figure out how to keep your hair healthy all summer long. 

If you're going swimming...

Shower before and after 
Just like skin, hair is porous. Before you go for a swim, rinse your hair with clean water. Once your hair is saturated with clean water, less chlorine will be able to enter the hair shafts. Rinsing your hair afterwards is key, too. Start with warm water to open the cuticle, and then rinse with cold water.

Add some oil
Coating your hair in olive oil or coconut oil can protect your hair from chlorine. The oil will reinforce the sebum that is naturally produced by the scalp and prevent chlorine from entering the hair shaft. (Or try a leave-in conditioner, for a similar effect.) If you're going this route, though, you've gotta pop on a swim cap before you hop in the pool.

If you're going to be out in the sun...

Use hair SPF
You wouldn't spend all day out in the sun without sunscreen, so why let your hair fry? The sun can damage your hair's cuticle and the keratin that it produces. Spray on some hair-specific sunscreen, toss on a hat and you're set.

Rock a mask
Adding a moisturizing mask to your summer hair routine is key. You'll keep your mane hydrated, which is key. Use a repairing mask once a week, and your hair will be smooth and healthy come September. 

How will you keep your strands safe this summer?

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by Grace Nardei | 7/19/2018