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7 ways to stay energized without caffeine

The beginning of June is a hard time for everyone. The sun is shining, it’s warm out, summer is in sight—but you still have to get up for school. We know that sometimes you need a little boost to stay alert, which is why caffeinated beverages are a mainstay in the mornings. However, caffeine has many dangerous side effects. Before you reach for coffee or tea, here are seven ways to stay energized without caffeine!

1. Stay active
If you keep your body moving, it’ll stay awake! A simple way to wake yourself up on a school day is by doing a wake-up yoga routine, like this one

2. Become a morning shower person
According to Time, a morning shower can wake you up and even boost creativity!

3. Eat a healthy snack
Eating a healthy snack like almonds, blueberries or hard-boiled eggs can give you a major boost in energy as well as keeping your stomach from grumbling.
4. Stimulate your brain
Did you know that boredom makes you tired? When your brain is working hard, you feel more energized and awake. Try doing a puzzle or reading an interesting article to wake your brain up.
5. Meditate
If you’re feeling stressed and lethargic, meditation can help you feel more at peace and give you more energy. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and picture yourself in your happy place. Instant energization! 
6. Stay hydrated
Sometimes it’s as simple as drinking water. Buy a cute water bottle and bring it with you everywhere so you remember to drink water.
7. Take a daylight break
Staring at a computer, phone or television screen for too long can make your eyes tired and give you a headache. Try going outside for just five minutes for a daylight break to awaken your senses and give your eyes some rest.

How do you stay energized during school? Let us know in the comments!

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by Deanna Schwartz | 6/11/2018