Your Bod

Three reasons you should embrace your stretch marks

A girl’s body is one of the most amazing things on this earth. Each and every one is beautiful and yes even with stretch marks. You may have heard differently, but allow us to shed some insight on just how precious your stretch marks are.

1. It's a symbol of your womanhood
Stretch marks are a symbol that unites us as women. Great women throughout history like Frida Kahlo, Rosa Parks, Amelia Earhart had stretch marks and they brought about so much change that it forced the entire world to adapt. You’re stretch marks connect you to all the great sheroes. And should remind you that you can enact the same change. So, take pride in who you are and the beautiful marks on your skin.

2. It's a reminder of your life journey
Stretch marks appear after continual tugging and stretching of the skin. Meaning, your body can survive extreme change. Because of this, people tend to see their stretch marks as a sign of survival. Your stretch marks should remind you of all the challenges and struggles you have overcome thus far in life. Each stretch mark tells a part of your life story. And your story is beautiful and unique to only you.

3. Your fave celebs aren't ashamed of their marks
We have several celebs owning their perfect imperfections every day. Ashley Graham, a plus sized model, regularly posts photos on her Instagram of her cellulite and still looks beautiful. Plus, Rhianna and Chirssy Teigen openly talk about their stretch marks on Instagram too. Long story short, stretch marks are nothing to be ashamed of. They are a part of your beautiful being.

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by Joy Cato | 6/12/2018