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Are you new to shaving and feeling a little lost? Or maybe you're a seasoned shaver who finds herself in a *hairy* situation every now and then. Regardless of where you fall on the shaving spectrum, it's totally normal to have questions about hair removal. Red bumps, black dots, hair that grows *way* too fast—we've been there, and that's why we're answering your most frequently asked Qs. Read on for our tried-and-true solutions to the *roughest* shaving sitches. Then, enter for your chance to win a Clio Palmperfect electric shaver by posting your own shaving Qs in the comments below any time between now and April 27 at 11:59 p.m.

"When should I start shaving?"
There's no right time you *should* start shaving—feel free to rock peach fuzz or a full fur coat or go totally smooth, because it's 100-percent your choice. Whether you're the last girl in your squad to shave (or the first!), it's all about what feels right to you (and, yep, what your parents are comfortable with, too). Here are some bad reasons to start shaving: because everyone else is, or because someone called out your visible leg hair. And here are some really, really good reasons to start shaving: because you like the feeling of smooth skin, because it'll make you feel more confident...and because you feel ready to give it a whirl.   

"I'm ready to start shaving. How do I talk to my parents about it?"
Asking your parent or guardian for permission can be a little nerve-racking. You might have to plead your case...or the convo might go *smoother* than you think. Either way, be prepared and follow these tips...

1. Explain your sitch: Maturely lay out the reasons you want to shave. If you share how your hair is making you feel so uncomfortable and itchy that you won’t even wear shorts in 90-degree weather, they might be more likely to understand.

2. Be ready to compromise: If your 'rents are on the fence about you shaving, meet them halfway. Offer a compromise: You’ll only shave below your knees, or you’ll only use an electric shaver instead of a razor (to minimize the risk of cutting yourself). Their decision doesn’t have to be all or nothing...if you chat it out.

3. Give 'em time: If the outcome of the convo doesn't seem like it's going to fall in your favor, ask them to think it over before they make a decision. Decide on a time when you'll sit down again to chat, and—this part may be difficult—don’t ask them about it until then. If your parents are really against you shaving, ask them to explain why. Really pay attention—they might actually have some good reasons.

"What is the best way to shave my legs?"
For a close shave, follow this multi-step process:

1. Start by exfoliating
For your smoothest skin possible, it's crucial to remove dry, dead skin before bringing in the blade. Snag an exfoliating scrub and a pair of all-natural exfoliating gloves (you can find both at most drugstores), then hop in the shower and gently buff each part of your bod that you're planning to shave. Don't be rough or abrasive: Use a very light pressure and work in circular motions so you hit your skin from all angles. When you're finished, rinse everything off—and now that you've spent about five minutes in lukewarm water, your skin and hair should be soft enough to start shaving.

2. Lather up
Pick a moisturizing agent—try shaving cream, coconut oil or a creamy body bar—and make sure to slather it on each section, reapplying when you need to, as you shave and rinse. If you're using a traditional razor, never *ever* shave on dry, bare skin—you always want to have a moisturizing barrier between you and the blade.

3. Take your time
In slow, steady strokes, gently move the razor or shaver along your skin. (Don't push down hard—you don't need to!) To avoid ingrown hairs, move in the same direction as the grain, which is the direction the hair grows (so if you're working on your legs, you'll go in the direction from knees to ankles). Be extra cautious around sensitive spots like knees and ankles—they're the easiest areas to knick.

"How can I prevent razor burn?"
The redness, itchiness or small bumps that might show up right after a shave? That's razor burn, but—good news—it's totally avoidable. The most common cause of razor burn is a dull razor, so be sure to change that blade often *or* opt for an electric shaver (like the Clio Palmperfect). After shaving, immediately treat your skin with an intense, calming moisturizer (try an aloe vera cream, which will soothe any irritation). And if you have any knicks, cuts or bumps? Treat them with an antiseptic ointment and cover with a bandage until better—it's key to avoid further irritation or infection.

"Help—my hair grows back *way* too fast!" happens. Depending on the thickness and growth rate of your hair (and other goosebumps!), a fresh shave can last from just one day to five days...or even longer. Seeing those pesky black dots too soon? They're the roots of your hair. If they're bugging you, you can aim for an *extra* close shave by moving your blade against the grain (in the opposite direction of the way your hair is growing). Just remember: Shaving against the grain can also cause razor burn or irritation, so switch back if you experience stinging or bumps.

"What's an electric shaver and how's it diff than a razor?"
Electric shavers feature oscillating blades to lift up hair and provide a smooth, close shave (without the chance of knicks or cuts!). The blades typically move in a scissor-like motion. Electric shavers last longer than regular razors, prevent ingrown hairs and can be used either wet *or* dry—which makes them especially perfect for throwing in your purse or gym bag for quick touch-ups wherever you go this spring and summer.

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by GL | 3/30/2018