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This school has a day dedicated for *true* beauty

Can you imagine going to school for one day without makeup...and everyone you walk by compliments you? For a school in upstate New York, that one day is The True Beauty Project. 

On this day, students and faculty are encouraged to come in makeup free. The day puts a focus on inner beauty, rather than outer beauty (an unfortunate superficiality we often deal with). Participants celebrate by wearing fun t-shirts, eating yummy treats and posing for photos, all makeup free, of course.

Shannon Bigelow, a teacher and founder of the event, created the day with a group of high school seniors. "Not wearing makeup is a start," Shannon says. "But the idea is to reinforce and celebrate self-love, worth and compassion."

During the day, the students and teachers continued the celebration with an annual True Beauty video. "It is great to see the teachers participate too," Shannon says. "It sets an example for our students.”

But really, the example the school is setting together is the cool part! We can totes get behind a message empowering *inner* beauty.

Other schools have, too, and started their own versions of The True Beauty Project. Want to get involved? Talk to your teachers and faculty about celebrating a makeup-free, self-love day at your school. 

We want to hear your beautiful voice! Would you take the makeup-free challenge?

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by Alyshia Hull | 2/8/2018
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