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8 easy peasy steps to get rid of bloating

Did you have a big meal last night and are freaking out over your jeans fitting a little tighter? Is your time of month coming, but you still want to wear that cute bodysuit instead of sweats? No need to fear, you're most likely *not* gaining weight and you *can* still wear that bodysuit. You're probably just bloated.

Bloating is when your stomach feels fuller or tighter than usual. According to the American College of Gastroenterology, we all swallow air when we eat which turns into gas, causing bloating. The cause of bloating for when we go on our period is because our body experiences hormonal changes which lead to water retention equaling—you guessed it—bloating!

Luckily, it's easy to reduce. Follow these eight tips so that you can feel more comfortable in your skin again. And trust us—you will!

What you should do

1. Get your sweat on!
After you're done eating, feel free to sweat out your bloat by going for a jog around your house. Running will get rid of the gas in your system by getting your heart pumping. Whether you walk, run or swim it doesn't matter! Being active in any form is the quickest and most effective way to reduce bloating.

2. Hydration is key
When you're on your period your body *needs* water because the hormonal changes are very dehydrating. Try having a glass of water before and after every meal, which will allow your body to digest your food easier. Bonus: Drinking water helps to clear your skin and who doesn't want that?

3. Tea parties
Caffeine has a way of making you pee more, so whether it be from coffee or tea go for it. Just be sure to drink one or two cups a day at the max. While drinking tea every day has great long-term benefits, you don't want to be stuck in the bathroom all day just because you're a little bloated.

4. Eat a banana every day
Potassium is something else that prevents water retention besides water. If you decide that eating bananas every day isn't your style, other potassium-rich foods are tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, avocados and fish.

What you should avoid

1. Choose "Grease"  instead of grease
High-fat foods take longer for our bodies to digest, which takes us longer to realize that we are full. Instead of stuffing ourselves with greasy food, just watch "Grease" the musical instead. Trust us, a rom-com musical is more satisfying anyway.

2. No more fizz
Carbonated drinks lead to you feeling all puffy and you actually get bloated the *fastest* this way. When you think about it, you are literally drinking up thousands of flavored bubbles. Skip the soda and get a glass of water instead. Your body will thank you in the long run.

3. Are you salty or sweet?
Even though sodium is essential to having a healthy body, the American Heart Association says that most Americans eat double the amount of sodium they need. French fries are really delish but don't make it a regular thing to eat.

4. This isn't a hot dog eating contest
Eating too fast causes you to swallow a lot of air no matter what you're eating. Enjoy your food and savor it. It's more relaxing to eat slowly and unless you're in a food eating contest there is no reason to.

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by Andrea Ruano | 2/11/2018
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