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Hacks to stay healthy when the weather changes

Ahh, that cool breeze is upon us and you know what that means? Cold and flu season. Sure, it’s time for infinity scarves and Insta pics in a pile of leaves but it’s also sick season. If you want to have the most fun this fall, first you have to keep up with your care. Getting caught up in hayrides and carving pumpkins is great but if you’re sick, you’ll miss out on everything. Here are a handful of ways to stay healthy as the weather cools down.

Stay hydrated.
Keeping your body hydrated is *always* important. In the summer, it’s hot and you’re sweating out water but in the fall and winter, your body needs water to prevent illness.

Sip on tea and honey.
If you start to feel your throat is a little itchy, immediately hit the tea cabinet. There are countless kinds of tea out there to try. Choose a couple but don’t forget to add honey, honey. Not only does it add a little flavor but it’s great for coating your throat and keeping it hydrated.

See those “Wash Your Hands” signs? They’re talking to you. Be sure to wash up during and after school and sports. Germs are literally everywhere and washing up will help. Keep a small sanitizer in your book bag or purse for easy convenience and use it after touching shared objects or other people’s hands.

Turn down your fan.
Mom and Dad are probably about to turn the heaters on inside. While it may be a little warmer than usual around the house, blasting your fan at night can super start a sore throat. You probably don’t notice it but most people sleep with their mouths open. The night air is already cooler so turning the fan on high quickly adds to drying the throat which is the beginning sign of a cold or strep.

Get a good night’s rest every night.
You go to school, then a sport, come home and eat dinner and it’s time for bed. You feel like you’ve been away from social media for so long so you spend hours on your phone catching up and losing precious sleep. Your body being exhausted is a bad way to begin a cold. Give yourself plenty of time to prep for bed over the next few months.

How do you stay healthy during cold and flu season? Share below! 

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by Gabby Regalbuto | 10/7/2017
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