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You can *finally* feel super confident in a bikini

For many, the idea of stripping down to a barely-there bikini at the beach can be a pretty daunting experience. We all have different insecurities when it comes to our bodies and when you're surrounded by images of women in skimpy crochet swimsuits and revealing crop tops, it's easy to feel like you don't quite measure up.

If you're anxious about slipping into a swimsuit, you're not alone. However, you should also know that there's nothing to be ashamed of. Don't let bikini anxiety stop you from having the time of your life this summer. These four steps will help you conquer your bathing suit fears and make you the radiant, confident girl you know you are. 

1. Understand that skinny doesn't neccesarily mean healthy.
We come in all different shapes and sizes and that is *so* beautiful. Genetics are primarily to thank for why no two bodies are the same. Being skinny does not mean you are automtically healthy or more attractive. Being healthy is about what's on the inside, how you operate both mentally and physically. Once you understand that a flat stomach doesn't equal perfect health, you will appreciate your body so much more.

2. Don't complain, change.
Whining and playing the woe-is-me card will get you nowhere, and just make you miserable. If you want to live a healthier lifestyle, start making little changes to your diet and exercise routine. But remember that it won't give you an overnight fantasy beach bod. It's about taking care of yourself, not trying to fit someone else's ideal.

3. Find what looks good on you.
Just like in normal clothes, not everything is going to be super flattering on you. Just beacuse that celebrity you envy is a size 2 and you may be a size 8 doesn't mean that all clothes automatically look amazing on her. Try different swimsuits that complement your body shape and appreciate that the high waisted bottoms look amazing on you rather then dwell on the fact that the cheeky scalloped pair wasn't your best look. If your concern is coverage, you're in luck becasue one-peices and even cute rash guards are totally in style! Do your research and realize that it's a game of trial and error. There's something for everyone and we can't wait see how amaze you look in your beach pics. 

4. Love and live your best life.
This is pretty self explanatory. But even so, do you really want to be the girl who didn't get to play chicken in the pool because she was too afraid to take off her cover-up? Don't let your anxiety block you from living your best life and making unforgettable memories with your friends and fam. Living in fear will only lead to regret so love yourself, flaws and all. No matter if it's a bardot style bikni or a printed one piece you *always* wear confidence well.

Have you experienced anxiety about wearing a bathing suit? We want to hear how you manage it below!

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by Karlyn Sykes | 7/9/2017