Your Bod

Target's new ads are Photoshop-free and we're *obsessed*


Want a bikini body? You already have it. That's what Target is proving in its latest swimwear campaign. Which, oh by the way, is completely unretouched and free of any Photoshop editing. YAS.

It's *so* refreshing, not to mention about time, that more brands are including all different body types in their ads. We want to see women that are short, women that are tall, women that are thin and women that are curvy. There is no one "ideal" body type and we're super happy to see companies embracing that and encouraging body positivity with more diversity.   

Even better, Target didn't choose just any four models, either. The bikini-clad babes are more than just pretty faces: Megan Batoon is a dancer and content creator, Denise Bidot is a prominent body activist, Kamie Crawford is a TV host and Lizzie Armanto is a pro skateboarder. 

As model Kamie exclaims, "Target shows women of all shapes, sizes and colors looking beautiful and confident in themselves and their swimsuits, and that resonates with women everywhere. Confidence is contagious!"

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Photo credit: Target.

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by Amanda Tarlton | 3/23/2017