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Can a tampon get lost inside of you? Six period myths debunked


There are a lot of myths surrounding periods that you may have heard from your big sis, your mom or even the media. But what's fact and what's fiction when it comes to your flow? Below, we’ve done some research to help you put your worries to rest and *stop* freaking out when it's that time of month. You might be surprised at what you learn (we know we were!).

1. Everyone can smell you when you’re on your period.
You might be able to smell your own period, but chances are that no one else around you can. The only time this isn’t true is if you have an infection, or maybe aren’t practicing proper hygiene. You might be able to smell your period, but that’s because it’s a unique smell that’s individual to your body. If you’re regularly changing your pad or tampon, don’t fear.

2. A tampon can get lost inside of you.
There is absolutely no way for you a tampon to get lost inside of your body. It can, however, get stuck. Getting stuck is quite different from getting lost. The vagina isn’t quite as deep as we’re led to believe, which means that your tampon has most definitely not disappeared. If you’re having trouble using tampons then be sure to read some online guides about them, or ask a parent or friend.

3. Your period stops when you get into water.
While your period doesn’t stop entirely when you get into water, gravity does do us a bit of a solid. The pressure of the water can make the blood stay inside of your vagina, but this isn’t always true. Blood can leak out, leading to some uncomfortable situations. As soon as you get out of a pool or jacuzzi your period will flow again because of the absence of pressure.

4. You can’t swim in the ocean during your period because of sharks.
While sharks are able to smell blood, there is no evidence to state that they are more likely to attack because someone is on their period. Sharks are able to smell all sorts of things (urine, sweat, bodily secretions, etc.), so there’s no need to worry about being singled out by our many-toothed finned friends.

5. You shouldn’t exercise during your period.
There’s no reason to not exercise during your period. Aside from the discomfort you might be feeling, nothing is stopping you from taking a run or a trip to the gym. Exercising while on your period is actually a great way to control cramps and bloating.

6. Your period should last exactly one week, every single month.
Periods can be unpredictable, especially when you first start your cycle. The truth is that many people with periods find that their cycle fluctuates. This means they can skip a month or their period might be a bit shorter or longer than a week. Both of these things are not abnormal, so there’s no reason to worry. If you’re really worried though, you can always ask your doctor about it during your next visit.

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by Kaila L. | 2/19/2017
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