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Always cold? This might be why


Are you the friend in your group who is known for being cold *all* the time? If you asked your BFF what your catch phrase is, would she say it's "Can I borrow your jacket"? Do you beg your mom to crank up the heat every night? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then this article is for you. Being cold all the times stinks but not knowing why can be even worse. Since going to school in footed pajamas probably won't cut it, we've listed some health-related reasons why you might be #alwayscold and #neverwarm.

*Of course, if you think any of these things apply to you or you're concerned, talk to your parents and your doctor! 

You have an iron deficiency. Lack of iron in your blood means you're anemic and can cause you not only to be cold, but also really sleepy. One solution? Eat more leafy dark greens, chickpeas or even fortified cereal. You can also take an iron supplement.

Your body is tired. Like your mind, your bod needs sleep (and enough of it). When it's time to hit the hay, your body temperature drops so, because we all have our own circadian rhythm, if you aren't getting adequate sleep, your body tricks you making you cold...because it wants you to find a cozy blanket and take a nap already! Aim for a solid eight hours a night minimum.

You don't have great circulation. Your blood is what keeps you warm and keeps your heart pumping. So if you notice your fingers or toes start to turn a purplely blue color then your circulation is really on the fritz. There's a lot of different causes of poor circulation so we recommend you go to your doctor first before trying to solve the sitch yourself.

You're sick. It's that time of might be coming down with a cold or stomach virus and not even know it yet. Take some Emergen-C or eat foods high in Vitamin C to boost that immune system.

You don't tolerate cold. Some bodies just aren't made for cold weather and that's ok. For example, if you grew up in sunny Floriday but just moved to snowy Michigan, it's going to take some time for your bod to adjust to the new climate. Until then, bundle up.

You don't have enough body fat. Body fat is what insulates you and keeps your body temperature constant. So if you're underweight, you will always be colder. Talk to your doctor if you're concerned about your weight. It's important to be at a healthy weight with a proper amount of body fat because that's what protects your bones, allows you to function properly and keeps all your systems running. Plus, women naturally need more fat than men (so don't compare yourself to your bro!).

You're dehydrated. Not drinking enough water = chilled to the bone. But don't go overboard, either. Not everyone needs the same amount, so just drink when you're thirsty and swap out some of your soda or coffee for flavored water if you need to.

Are you someone who's *always* cold? Let us know how you deal in the comments below!

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by Britnee Wright | 12/27/2018