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How to tell your parents you got your period

Though it can be strange and embarrassing when it happens, getting your first period is nothing to be red-faced about. In fact, it's actually something to celebrate. It means that your body is functioning the way it should and that you're developing healthily. 

But with your first period comes a slew of questions: Should I wear pads or tampons? How will I know when to change them? Is my period irregular? Perhaps the scariest question that needs to be answered? How do I tell my parents?!

Don't worry! We've got the advice for ya: You don't have to build it up or make a big deal about it, really. The day it happens, simply sit them down and say, "Hey, I got my period today," or "Guess what?! I'm officially a woman." No matter how you say it, just be sure that you do. That way, they can take you to the store to get supplies (if you don't already have some). Some girls choose to tell just their moms, others tell just their dads and some make sure both are in the loop. Really, do whatever is most comfortable for you.

Just remember that your body is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of.

Were you nervous to tell your parents about your period? How did you tell them?

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by Sydney Adamson | 8/8/2019