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5 things you didnt know about your boobs


Right now, the booty is totally in the spotlight, but what about our friends up top? Paying attention to your leading ladies is important, so we've rounded up the top five things you probably don't know about your girls—but totally should. Check 'em out.

They’re not twins

Small differences in size and shape are really common. As Michelle Berlin M.D. says, “We are not entirely symmetrical creatures, so we can’t expect everything to look the same from left to right.” In fact, an Emory University study found that 62% of women have a larger left breast than right one. 

Exercise is important

Having a little more weight to carry in the front can result in pretty bad posture. Turns out, this could be due to weak back muscles and tight shoulders. Push-ups and chest opening exercises can be used to straighten up your posture—and give you a little lift.

They're very sun-sensitive

It might seem like your suit is enough to keep ya covered, but it's actually possible for your girls to get burned right through your bikini. Make sure to cover them with sunscreen (at least SPF 15), even if you're not planning on skinny dipping. 

Chacne is real

You've heard of bacne, but what about chest acne?  Just like your face, your boobs have a T-zone above and between them that has tons of oil glands. That means you're more likely to get blackheads and pimples down there—fight it with toner, daily cleansing and NEVER sitting around in a sweaty bra.


You're most likely not the size you think you are

About 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size right now—and you could be one of them. Maybe you were fitted incorrectly, or ya just bought one that seemed comfortable but was actually a little too big in the band. Hit up a department store for a free fitting. Still not sure it's perfect? Try getting a second opinion. The right bra can make alllllll the difference.

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by Anna Maria Hand | 2/1/2016