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Hunting for a Small Bra?

Are there any stores you can recommend to find bras with really small cups that work well, but aren’t really pricey?
This is a problem I’ve had since forever. A lot of underwear brands, like Victoria’s Secret accentuate large breasts and cater to that audience (although their line, Pink, is for teens and includes smaller items). The reality is that a lot of us are built with smaller boobs and it can be hard to find the right bra without spending a fortune.
I’ve found that Calvin Klein bras run small, and can be found at lots of discount stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls, as well as at CK outlet stores. You also might try teen stores that have underwear lines like Aerie from American Eagle (which you can also find at TJ Maxx) and Kohls, which carries many bras for teens from brands like Candie’s and SO at great prices.
Also, many underwear brands carry stretchy non-clasp bras that are meant as activewear. These are great for the small-chested, as they fit snug against your bod and the straps won’t slide off. Happy shopping!

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by Lindsey Silken | 2/1/2016