How to start working out again

Making time to work out can seriously be so hard. Trust us, we understand. When the mountain of schoolwork seems to be piling up, doing a quick 20-minute cardio break doesn't exactly take top priority. Whether you miss getting a good sweat or just wearing that adorable workout fit, we've found some ways to start incorporating a workout into your busy day. It can also be hard to feel like you're working out for the right reasons, especially with how working out is presented on social media. Once you fall out of a routine, it can be *so* hard to get back into it. Read on for the scoop on how to get some more movement in your day.

1. Take the scenic route.

If you have time, walk the long way wherever you are going. Try a new route, walk to your fave coffee shop or walk on a treadmill (if you have one). Walking is *such* an easy way to get exercise, and it really starts to add up. It's especially great if you feel tired or bored with normal workouts. Plus, you can listen to music, a podcast or a book. 

2. Dance it out. 

Just like Meredith and Christina say in Grey's Anatomy, just dance it out. Try 15 minutes, or even five. Our recommendation is to *literally* just dance like no one is watching. It will get you active, and you'll have fun. Bonus points to do it with your besties. You could even try roller skating to your fave playlist. 

3. Take your dog out. 

Chances are your dog would *totally* love a walk at just about any time of day. Take them out and get some fresh air! After doing this for a while, you could try an easy run. It's all about increasing your endurance and slowly building up. Or stick to walking and just increase your distance each time. Compete against yourself for a new best distance or time!

4.  Yoga! *inhale...and exhale*

Workouts can be...overwhelming sometimes. If you look at a workout vid and have no idea where to even start, yoga could be perfect for you. Whether you're a pro or a total newbie, an easy yoga flow always makes you feel ah-mazing—and it's good for your strength and flexibility, too.

5. Switch it up.

Working out can def get boring if you're doing the same thing over and over again. Don't be afraid to try a new style of workout. If you like to run, try picking up some weights for a change. You could even try a workout class like Zumba or CycleBar! Adding some variety to your workouts can seriously make all the difference when incorporating it into your routine again. 

We hope you found these tips helpful if you're looking to start working out again. Our biggest advice is to start adding in some small workouts and start building up. And try putting aside some time in your day for working out. A workout should make you feel less stressed, not more, so if there are some days when you just do not have the time, it's A-OK to take a rest day (or even 10)! Just do what feels right for you. 

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by Miriam Riley | 3/13/2022