Why you should add weight training to your workout routine


Switching up your workout now and then to keep your body guessing is always a smart idea, and weight training is a great new addition to add to your workout routine. It's an important part of keeping your body healthy and strong. Not only does it reduce the likelihood of injury but it also increases your bone density and makes you *a lot* stronger in day-to-day life.

Below are just a few of the many reasons why weight lifting is *def* something you should start incorporating into your workout routine. If you don't believe us just listen to what these famous fitness influencers have to say below. 

Helps you become stronger in your daily life

Weight lifting puts a whole new name to the word strength. If you think you're strong now just wait till you start lifting!

Personal trainer Bethany Gish said "Throughout the day we are constantly using our muscles whether we're aware of it or not. We're squatting, bending, lifting, pulling, reaching and pushing. So if our muscles are weak or underdeveloped it can be a lot harder to complete our activities of daily living without pain, injury or fatigue. As we challenge and strengthen our muscles we will definitely notice ourselves becoming stronger and more efficient in those activities."

Increases your metabolism 

One of the many benefits of weight training is that it boosts your muscle mass which as a result will increase your resting metabolism. According to womenshealthmag lifting weights is the number one *best* way to boost your metabolism. Dedicating 2-3 days a week to weight lifting will allow your body to form lean muscle mass and get used to lifting large amounts of weight. 

Helps you gain confidence in your body 

Lifting weights will not only allow you to hone in on a specific body part you've been wanting to strengthen or sculpt. But it allows women to highlight their beautiful curves and as a result, will help them to embrace their bodies and gain *so* much more confidence in themselves.

In her video, Joanna Soh a certified Women's Fitness Specialist said, "Weight lifting can boost energy and mood...strength training will boost the feel-good chemicals in your brain, helps you to sleep better and just improves your overall quality of life."


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by Hayley Miller | 1/22/2021