These 15 winter workouts will ensure the cold doesn't get the best of your bod

As much as we all *want* to stay in shape during the winter months, it gets tough to discipline ourselves enough to want to get out there and run. Before the holiday treats haunt you forever, we've put together 15 of our fave winter workouts to keep you in shape and entertained when the weather tries to keep you on the cozy couch.

1. Go ice skating

OK, so maybe not this extreme, but there are some serious health benefits to hopping on the ice this winter. Your body will thank you!

2. Try some snow-ga

It's *totes* chilly outside, but that's the point! Make yourself shiver off the calories with a little TLC in the snow.

3. Take a hike

There's nothing wrong with taking a walk out in the cold, as long as you're doing it safely. Put on those winter boots and your thickest jacket, and go explore!

4. Dance it out

Want to add a little Taylor Swift to your life this season? Good news—you can, *and* you can do it while you're working out!

5. Make a routine

Alex Centomo is out to save our lives this winter. She's compiled this super quick and extremely simple workout routine to stay fit when it's brisk outside. Make a routine all your own or use Alex's to stay feeling your best.

6. Pushups, anyone?

Whether you want to ace the perfect pushup or just need some tips to stay motivated, check out Reese Regan's regimen to keep herself in shape.

7. Build a fire

We know how cheesy it sounds, but you can burn roughly 80 calories just by throwing a few logs on the fire. It'll benefit you *and* you'll stay toasty.

8. Get some sleep

Sure, this isn't *directly* a workout, but you're more likely to get up early for your a.m. routine if you're well rested. 

9. It's leg lift time

This is a whole routine for your winter break (it's not just for Christmas!)—and leg lifts and pull-ups on any bar will get your muscles moving indoors.

10. Clean your room

We know what you're thinking: ew. But hanging up clothes and putting books on the shelf gets you moving, and there's no sweat needed!

11. Boxercise it out

Kickboxing is gaining popularity, and you can even practice on your snowman this winter. Get out those fists and train at home!

12. Cardio—duh

Try this simple follow-along video to get a little cardio in your day. Pajamas are encouraged!

13. Do your holiday shopping

No, really. Do laps around the mall to get your body moving without basically freezing outdoors. It's a win-win!

14. Stand up

Try this compilation of standing exercises. They're tough, but at least you'll get to stay in the living room.

15. Build a snowman

TBH, we think this one speaks for itself. Get outside and start rolling!

What are some of your fitness tips and tricks for the winter? Share them with us below.

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by Logan Potter | 12/16/2018
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