5 tips to working out on Thanksgiving weekend

Thanksgiving is pretty much the one holiday that's all about *food.* And with shopping, Netflix and other distractions calling your name this weekend, it can be easy to forget about exercise all together. Here's how to jump back into your routine.

1. Wake up early.
If you overdid it on Thanksgiving (no judgment—how could you resist?!), then you need to kickstart your metabolism. Working out in the morning will do just that. Plus, studies have shown that if you exercise in the a.m., you'll make healthier choices the rest of the day. 

2. Start slow.
After eating all that food, you won't have nearly enough energy to get into your normal routine, so luckily for you, starting off slow is your best bet. No need to go straight into that intense cardio or weight lifting—pop in your headphones, set a time limit and do the best you can. 

3. Walk, don't run.
In the spirit of starting slow, try to do some walking just to get some light exercise. Maybe walk around the block a few times to warm up, or if you usually jog to the gym, take a brisk walk instead. 

4. Drink lots of water.
Although you should *definitely* be drinking plenty of water anyway, this is an even better time to start. Drinking lots of water will help your body digest those three Thanksgiving plates plus dessert you had the night before. Your body will appreciate all the help it can get, trust us.

5. Go easy on the leftovers.
Of course there will probably be *tons* of food left after Thanksgiving dinner. Try your best to resist the urge to do it all again the next day. Instead, dedicate one meal to leftovers (here's some inspo!), and then stick to your regular diet the rest of the day. 

What's your favorite low-intensity workout? Let us know in the comments!

by Cydnii Jones | 11/29/2019