Why your workout is *so* much better at the beach

Most people think of the beach as a vacation spot—a place to relax and escape all your stress and worries. But, the beach can help with *way* more than getting a killer tan. It can also help you get fit. Check out these awesome reasons why the sand should be your top workout partner.

You burn more calories.
Sand adds resistance when you’re running because your feet sink in a little bit. So, you have to use more energy which burns more calories meaning you’ll be tired but well-worked. You can also check out some new ways to run.

It helps your muscles and joints.
Running on sand strengthens your muscles, especially the ones in your knees, ankles and feet. This can help prevent common injuries and could be especially helpful for new runners. It is also easier on your joints because the sand is softer and less harsh than the constant pounding of running on a track or sidewalk.

You can go barefoot.
You'll avoid stinky shoes and feet when you go barefoot in the sand. It makes you create your own stability, which helps improve your balance and strengthens the muscles in your calves, feet, knees and quads. It’s also nicer to feel sand under your feet than a shoe that you always have to wear.

It's more interesting.
Not many people are able to run on the beach all of the time. The change in scenery can be a nice distraction while you’re running and is just another way to spice up your workout. After your run, you can dive right into the ocean to leave you soothed and refreshed. What’s better than jumping into a wave after a hard workout?

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Photo credit: Pinterest.


by Natalie Bland | 7/17/2017