Must-have gear for the girl who loves to workout

You've been called a gym rat, a fitness freak, a workout fantatic and everything in between. Putting priority on your physical well being is nothing to be ashamed fact we applaud you! If you put that much time and effort into staying healthy, you defintely deserve to treat yourself to some top notch gear that can take your workout to the next level. We've rounded up the five things every gym-going gal needs to own. 

1. Muscle roller 
This will change your life. After stretching, use this roller to relieve tension from your muscles while they're still warm. It's like a mini massage for those over worked legs. Just a heads up: You may feel a twinge of discomfort while rolling your hammies and quads depending on how tight your muscles are, but it will be so worth it.

2. Bluetooth headphones 
If you require a banging beat to keep you motivated through your workout, wireless headphones are definitely necceasry. After making the switch from normal headphones to a pair of wireless bluetooth ones, your life–and workout–will never been the same. No more earphones getting tangled in your weights or cords bumping up against you while you're on the treadmill. The future is cord-free.


3. Fitness tracker
Work smarter, not harder. Pedometers were one of the first steps in modern exercise technology, but now there are so many different ways to track your steps, calories burned and other vitals to make sure you are getting the most out of your workout. Don't feel presure to jump up and cop an expensive Apple Watch, either. There are tons of cheaper options like this wrist tracker.

4.  Resistance bands
These are a great way to add a little extra difficulty to take your workout from intermediate to intense. Squat with the band around your thighs or use it to stretch out those biceps.  

5. Sweat cuffs
You've locked your gym bag and wallet safely away in a locker, now what to do with that pesky key? We give you sweat cuffs! They're a stylish take on the wrist sweatbands of the 80s and feature a fuctional zipper compartment where you can store away your key, necklace or any other small items that you want to carry hands-free. Even Lululemon has a line of cute cuffs.

6. JUNK headbands
These are not just your ordinary headband. JUNK headbands are specially designed keep you cool *and* they're odor resistant and super breathable. It just so happens that JUNK has just about any pattern and color you could ever imagine and if it isn't there than you can customize one just to your liking. 

7. Smartphone holder
As you can probaly tell by now we're all about having our hands free. Unfortunately your phone probably won't fit in your Lulu cuff so having an accesory to keep it in place during your cardio or strength training workout is a no brainer. This one from TuneBand doesn't have that filmy overlay so you can easily change the song or answer a phone call without having to doube, triple or quadruple tap.

What's in your gym bag? Comment below! 

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by Karlyn Sykes | 6/28/2017